Howard Kagan has practiced architecture since 1973. He is primarily engaged in practice as principal of howard kagan architecture inc. Howard serves as Of Counsel to the Chicago firm Nagle Hartray Architecture which he joined in 1979 and named a Principal in 1986.  Howard has been instrumental in developing the firm's portfolio of media and commercial facilities and has also served as Principal In Charge on a number of educational facilities and single-family housing projects. 

Howard's past projects include Harpo Studios, Chicago Public Radio, and the Northwestern University Radio Station among many others.

His current projects include single-family residences, new construction, renovations, and additions, a recording studio, and planning for multi-family housing.


1972, University of Illinois at Chicago, Bachelor of Architecture

Illinois, New York

Lambda Alpha International; Metropolitan Planning Council; Former faculty member at the Harrington Institute of Design; Former visiting Instructor at the University of Illinois at Chicago; Past juror for Chicago AIA Unbuilt Design Awards